Question by  ramyarengaraj (21)

What are traditional seating arrangements for a wedding?


Answer by  Sockless (528)

For the service itself the Bride's family on one side (usually the left if in the rear of the facility facing forward) and the Groom's on the right. This corresponds to the side the bride or groom stand's on during the ceremony itself. If a friend of both sides, then the emptier side would be appropriate.


Answer by  Jackie50 (360)

Upon entering church, bride's family is usually on the left, and the groom's is on the right. The first row of each side is reserved for parents, siblings, and grandparents. The second row is usually for other close family members, such as aunts or first cousins. Other guests then fill the rows behind them.


Answer by  Rajesh (329)

In hindu brahmin the seating arrangement for wedding is first the father has to sit in the grains placed in the chair in a bag and on that he has to sit and he has to do kanigadanam for a girl child. In the fathers lap only the girl has to sit and the boy has to tie the mangalyasuthra.


Answer by  PooBear (341)

Bride sits on the grooms left, her attendants seated to her left. Grooms attendants are seated to his right. The parents of the couple should be seated at seperate tables with special guests seated with them. Other guests are seated as the couple wish. This works best with a head table and round tables for the guests.

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