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Question by  modeling1 (1)

What are these wep-like dry bumps on my upper-body, that are a little itchy.

I thought they were bed bug bites, but there's no evidence of these around the bed. I first saw a few on my arms, then I noticed more on my chest, stomach, and back. I haven't treated them at all. What can his be?


Answer by  mommapaige (60)

Chicken pox (varicella) is a possibility if you've neither had it nor been immunized against it. The rash begins as raised, pimple-like, itchy bumps.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

Still treat for bed bugs, because often they are not detectable. They could be boils if they are painful. A low immune system can subject your skin to weird rashes.


Answer by  rachanap (30)

It can be a kind of infection. Might be you had a bad food outside or infected food. As you said they are itchy , its possibility of blood elergy also. if its the blood infection than please take doctors treetment urgently. It might be serious proble in your blood like increase of acidic level also.

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