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Question by  shiniinfosys (13)

What are these nasty crawling white insects in my house?

I have these bugs everywhere.


Answer by  Elmore (124)

The white insects in houses are termites. They are a nuisance, and can lay eggs all around the house. I have never heard that they are poisonous, but they most definitely can cause problems for person trying to maintain cleanliness in the home. The quicker I can rid myself of these pest, the better I feel.


Answer by  amlongstreet (16)

If they are sort of silver in color they could be silverfish, not harmful except to the glue in book bindings. Otherwise it might be the larva form of something.


Answer by  Rhianne (81)

They're not maggots are they? Do you have food, meat products especially, laying around? In the sink or anywhere? They're very tiny, white and disease filled.

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