Question by  worker43 (34)

What are the worst parts about being a doctor?

I think I want to be a doctor but I am not sure.


Answer by  Jack56 (408)

Doctors work approximately 100 hours a week, are usually on-call, and treat close to a dozen patients a day. Depending on specialty, as well as experience physicians regularly tackle complex medical issues that require research, collaboration and ongoing training. However, saving lives makes it all worthwhile in the end.


Answer by  amp2140 (148)

Becoming a doctor takes years and is short-term very time consuming. The long hours plus the emotional drain are stressful, making it one of the most likely fields to cause suicide. You can either become too emotionally attached, or become cold and hardened toward patients. You must also have a strong stomach, and will be subjected to many sick people.


Answer by  cookiears (10)

The worst parts of being a doctor would be i think are the days and nights on duty. Sometimes doctors have to be on hospitals 24/7 days and even on holidays. You also have to deal with different types or personalities of patients.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The preparation starts in high school, which includes a serious commitment to the books, which can mean sacrifices in one's social life. College continues academic commitment. Competition for a seat in med school is fierce. The four-year med school curriculum is grueling, challenging and demanding. The internship and residency are continue the torturous training.

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