Question by  elsewhen (627)

What is the safest part of an airplane?

if the plane were to crash, what part of the plane is the best place to be?


Answer by  Sockless (528)

In some ways it depends on the type of crash, but in general the center part of the airplane, over the wings, is the safest place to be. The plane fuselage it at its strongest there with all of the extra bracing and reinforcement where the wings join.


Answer by  Pauletta (24)

I didn't look this up, but as a frequent traveler I would say that the safest part of an airplane is just in front of the wings. I say this because most jets carry the fuel in the wings, so if there is an accident it would be best to be in front of the fire.


Answer by  darnell (47)

The back of an airplane is generally the safest place to be, as proven by past crashes. Impacts usually hit the front of the plane first, and the middle of the plane is where the wings (and therefore fuel) is located. The upper deck on some planes is usually difficult to escape due to smoke.


Answer by  Anonymous


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