Question by  sgt111 (34)

What are the world's most popular cities?


Answer by  ender (22)

Tokyo, Japan, 37.2 mil Mexico City, Distrito Federal Mexico, 22.97 mil Seul, South Korea, 22.25 mil Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 20.87 mil Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20.22 mil Manila, Philippines, 19.2 mil New York, USA, 18.71 mil Jakarta, Indonesia, 18.59 mil


Answer by  Az (343)

Some of these include: Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairo, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Orlando, Calgary, Mexico City, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow and Stockholm.


Answer by  Diddum (348)

The most popular cities are Paris in France, London in Great Britain, Rome in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal, Prague and Amsterdam. In Usa the most popular cities are New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.


Answer by  liilii (103)

Paris, London, New York, Rome

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