Question by  rachelwitt (26)

What are the typical prices for specialized bikes?

My son want a specialized bike for his birthday.


Answer by  dalp (7)

There really is no "typical" price for a specialized bike. They make many different models at different price points. The Allez and Allez Elite are two middle/entry level bikes and cost around 700 and 1000 dollars respectively.


Answer by  ssuper (24)

The typical price for a specialized bike is 800 dollars. Specialized bikes are usually very expensive and are made of higher quality material than most bikes so they cost more.


Answer by  adawg (247)

The prices vary from area to area but a good one in most areas will cost about $500. They can be found for less from time to time.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

It depends weather you want a motorbike or a regular bike. For regular bikes about 500-100$ for motorbikes its about 2500-5000$. This all depends on the company and how good of a bike you want.

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