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Question by  jolly79 (13)

How do I fix my plastic derailleur pulley on my bike?

I have a Mongoose Mega bike.


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You should replace the derailleur on your bike with one that is made of steel. These types of parts get a lot of wear and the plastic does not hold up. The derailleur on your bike was not really meant to be replaced as it was made with plastic. But mongoose may have parts.


Answer by  mb (5482)

It depends on what is wrong with the derailleur. If it is just a little bent and warped you can try to remove it, heat it slightly with a blowtorch until it is mallable and then bend it back into shape. Let cool and it should remain where you restreched it too, it will look burned so paint it.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

by fixing a clamp in the front it can fixed in the bike. it will not create any noise while driving and it will not break even though it is made of plastic. Derailleur pulleys can squeak often sounding like a bird chirping and it only a safety kit for the bike.

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