Question by  RickH (29)

How long is the statue of limitations in Michigan for medical bills?

I have a medical bill that is from six years ago and am wondering if they can still collect on it.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

There is really no statue of limitations on a debt. That is why the person owing the debt can outsource it to different collection agencies over the years hoping someone will be able to get the money they are owed. Try and make some arrangement with the debtor.

posted by Anonymous
Wrong. They sell these debts for pennies on the dollar. The debt collector hopes to make a profit. In MI it's 6 years from the time of your last payment if you make a payment the clock starts over  add a comment

Answer by  MarkWatrous (729)

Depending upon the date of the invoice, you must wait six years from the date of the *ORIGINAL* invoice. See mcl 600. 5807(8)

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