Question by  BrokenRose (131)

What are the symptoms of an 18 month old with pinworms?

I am trying to determine if my toddler has pinworms.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Lots of itching around the rectal area is the most common symptom. Other symptoms include upset stomach, irritability, and restlessness, but those sympoms are much less common.


Answer by  Magenta (94)

Itching around the anal area is a common symptom of pinworm infection. In a more severe case, the child may experience sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, and irritability. However, many children with mild infection show no symptoms at all.


Answer by  brandie (22)

If a child has pinworms they probably have no idea. there are not really any significant symptoms. An increase in anal itching at night is the only symptom.


Answer by  nanook (605)

The most common symptoms of pinworms are anal or vaginal itching and irritation. However, there ca also beirritability, fatigue, weight loss, behavior problems and night-waking/nightmares, although these are not as common, or maybe not as noticable in younger children.


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

The most obvious symptom will probably be an itchy bottom end and the toddler's attempts to alleviate said itching. Dogs with pinworms scooter their rear ends on carpets for relief and while toddlers probably won't go to that extreme they'll do other things like scratching and rubbing their bottoms against objects. Only a doctor can give a proper diagnosis.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

If you want to know take a piece of tape at night and put it in the area of his anus and in the am look. He would be itching.


Answer by  ShopDoc (7)

Symptoms of Pinworms in toddlers include scratching around the anus and upset stomach. Call your pediatrician immediately in you observe your child scratching around the area of their anus.


Answer by  MTGrandma (405)

Very common symptoms are fatigue, weight loss, behavior difficulties, extreme itching (especially in the genital region), small threadlike worms that exit through the anal area. If you suspect this please tell the child's doctor and he or she can best help you through getting rid of the problem.


Answer by  bidurpan (105)

The best way to determine if a child is sick is to take them to see a doctor. Otherwise, the symptoms are anal or vaginal itching, crankiness, tiredness, sudden loss of weight, or nightmares.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

The most distressing symptom, and usually the first to bring the infection to the notice of the child's parents is very bad itching around the anus and/or vagina. Some less common symptoms might be upset tummy, loss of appetite, irritability, restlessness, and insomnia. The more intensive the infection, the worse the symptoms are likely to be.


Answer by  Vandy (11)

Iam a mother of a year old ; he too had pinworms. Discovered his worms in stool,the toddler's appettite increased and while sleeping remained restless throughout the night.


Answer by  Annemc81 (60)

The child will become very tired. You will see them itch in their private areas. At night check their private areas you will see white small worms

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