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Question by  mford35 (13)

What could be causing severe urinary symptoms for an extended period of time, over a month, when all test come back negative.

I have had urinary symptoms for a month and a half all urinary tests come back negative im scheduled for a cysto on the 23rd. Im in severe pain I have been to three ers all say cannot explain need mri please help


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Chronic pain in your urinary bladder is most commonly caused by infection. When tests performed are negative, such as in your case, tests should be performed to examine whether you have a neurogenic condition, which means that it is caused by a nerve problem. The length of time and lack of positive test results so far, make this more likely.

Reply by Suzy2 (0):
I had pain from my bladder for a long time but since relieving my constipation by taking a stool softener the pain has gone..such a relief and so simple.  add a comment
Reply by Suzy2 (0):
Do you have constipation ( hard stools)?? I did and when I took a stool softener my bladder pain went. This is true and yet I suffered this way for years!  add a comment

Answer by  mb (5482)

Pain not cause by infection could be many things. Most likely you have a reflux or divertulum. Possibly kidney stones or other causes. Get the cysto, its not that bad.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

Make sure you are drinking enough liquids each day, especially if your urine is yellow or dark. Be sure to review all the medications you are taking with your doctor, including herbs and vitamins. Also, tell you doctor any changes you have made in your diet lately, including new foods.


Answer by  les59 (852)

This may be caused by a cyst in the urinary tract, or a urinary tract infection or a combination of the two. It would definitely help to have an MRI as well as an ultrasound proceedure.

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