Question by  helen38 (16)

What are the signs of labor in cats?

My cat has been pregnant for a long time and I fear I will not know when she is in labor.


Answer by  Apple47 (22)

Most common signs of labor in cats are: 1. Licking of genitalia 2. Restlessness and pacing 3. Nesting behavior 4. Frequent visits to nest 5. Changes in behavior


Answer by  brycesmom83 (58)

Look for your cat's appetite drastically reducing or disappear altogether. She may want a lot of attention and will be over cuddly. She may start pacing or acting as if she is waiting for something. Watch for her to lick her bottom continuously. The last important sign is that she will go in and out of her nesting box.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

A clear cut sign that your cat is about to go into labor is that she will be building a nest. Animals do this so they have a safe warm place for their little ones. Though once your cat is in labor, you won't mistake it. It makes noise when it goes into labor and licks its private area frequently.


Answer by  Riley (765)

Few days before labor cat will seem restless. About to go into labor cat usually licks her abdomen and vagina persistently. Cervix will dilate, she will lay on her side.


Answer by  Anonymous

My cat would not give birth WITH OUT ME!!! My Queen literally waited until I came home to birth the first kitten, but often Queens disappear to some dark, warm place to give birth. You may want to set up a nest for her to become familiar with for birthing.

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