Question by  nirml007v2yahoocom (19)

What are the side effects to benicar?

I am going to be taking benicar starting today and want to know what to expect.


Answer by  Connie45 (1110)

An antihypertensive, some possible side effects are chest pain, peripheral edema, dizziness, headache, insomnia, diarrhea, abdominal arthralgia, rhinitis, and bronchitis. There are increased antihypertensive effects if OTC herbal supplements are taken with this drug. It should not be taken in the 3rd and 4th trimesters of pregnancy.


Answer by  corkin (76)

Adverse side-effects to look out for when taking olmesartan medoxomil (US tradename: Benicar) include: diarrhoea, dizziness, headaches, hyperglycemia, tachycardia (heart rate exceeding normal resting rate), flu like symptoms and upper respiratory tract infections. Rarely, it can cause Angioedema (a swelling of the skin), and birth defects in pregnant women's foetus'.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

The most common side-effect with ACE inhibitors is a dry hacking cough. In some people it is bad enough that they switch to a different class of drug to deal with their hypertension. You may also experience problems with dizziness and lethargy until your body gets used to the drug.


Answer by  huguenot (51)

Benicar is used to treat high blood pressure and has been shown to have an increase risk of cancer while taking the medication. Side effects include dizziness, swelling, hoarseness.


Answer by  worker4452 (80)

It is an ace inhibitor used for lowering BP, when taking an ace-inhibitor for the first time you might have a quick fall in BP which can cause dizziness. So take it at night before sleeping. Less common side effects include itching, skin rash and breathing difficulty.


Answer by  worker3887 (96)

Most of the side effects are very minor. The most common side effect so far is dizziness. But, there are some that are rare but, you should know that the following ones are serious which are the following unexplained swelling, rash, and wheezing. Make sure you tell your doctor any side effects you erxperience.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

Severe side effects for benicar are:rash,hives,itching,difficulty breathing,tightness in the chest. Swelling of the mouth,face,lips or tongue,hoarseness. Change in the amount of urine produced,chest pain,difficulty swallowing,fast,slow or irregular heart beat. Muscle pain or cramps. Symptoms of low blood pressure. eg. fainting,lightheadedness,severe dizziness. The most common side effect is dizziness.


Answer by  sandra36 (0)

I experience a drop in pressure followed by some tightness of the chest. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and wonder if is worth taking the risk of such side effects?

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