Question by  Amit51 (23)

What is the adhd medication with the least side effects?

My son has recently been diagnosed with adhd and I want the medicine with the least side effects for him.


Answer by  patti (29325)

All drugs have side effects. Every person reacts differently to each and every drug. Some people cannot tolerate a specific drug, while others can only take that same drug. Your physician will consider your son's case and prescribe the medication least likely to cause problems.


Answer by  worker7186 (198)

All medications that are used to treat adhd have the same side effects, the differences in are the effects each individual has. What you need to do is find a doctor that spealizes in dealing with children who have adhd, that way can look at your child's symptoms and try to put him on the medication that suits him best.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Unfortunately, all adhd medications have a similar side effect profile, with weight gain being at the top of the list. Excessive nervousness and inability to sleep are all noted. Recently, medical marijuana has been reported as highly effective as a treatment for this condtion with no known side effects.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

This will depend upon your son. Many side effects are similar for almost all of these drugs. However, these are possible side effects and not a given. All children will react differently to the different types. Adderall XR is the time release formula, which often has less side effects. Finding the best for your son will be trial and error.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

It is very difficult for parents when their child has been diagnosed with ADHD. There is so much to take into consideration. A parent is afraid of making the wrong choices. Talk closely with your doctor. Voice your concerns. Learn much about the disorder and make informed decisions.


Answer by  worker4228 (17)

Side effects are very dependent upon the person taking the medicine. A side effect in one person, may not happen in others. Or an effect that is unbearable to one person may be manageable to another. A diagnosis of ADHD should be treated with the most effective medicine. This may require trial and error, depends on how the patient responds.

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