Question by  Dontbugme (697)

What are the rules for flying an American flag?

I only know one or two rules.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Many websites (just Google) (and pamphets from the VFW) about displaying the flag: US Flag always highest in displays of multiple flags; illuminated at night or taken down before dark; all the way up then back down for half-mast, lots of details about positioning it when not on a flagpole.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

The flag can only be flown at night if properly illuminated, it should not be flown in poor weather unless it is an all-weather flag, it should be the highest flag if displayed with other flags, should only be displayed upside down during to denote extreme danger or threat.


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

There are no laws regarding what can and cannot be done with an American flag. That said, many choose to handle flags carefully, keep them lit and off the ground.

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