Question by  Geezergrrl (19)

What are the pros and cons of using wax vs. polyurethane on a wood floor?


Answer by  Diyer62 (23)

Wax is easier to apply on a wood floor, but it does not provide any protection against wear and tear. Wax on floors can be dangerous if wet. Polyurethane is harder and more time consuming to apply, but will stand up to the wear of a high traffic area.


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

Usually, applying wax on any wood surface requires more work than using polyurethane. But I believe most experts consider wax finish as having better result compared to the other alternative.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Wax is more timeconsuming to apply and can be less durable, needing to be reapplied more often. However, wax is less toxic than polyurethane.


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

Polyurethane is much more durable and longer lasting than wax. When refinishing, polyurethane must be completely stripped down to bare wood. Wax can be reapplied over wax.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well if you use the wax, then you will be able to get a better coating on your floor. But if it is not done right, it can be sticky and ugly.

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