Question by  Kryss1 (19)

What are the names of Chinese swords?

Like there's a kitana in Japan.


Answer by  AEF (519)

The basic Chinese sword types are the dao, a single-edged broad-bladed sword, and the jian, a double-edged straight sword. There are many other varieties most are based on these two.


Answer by  prodigy1 (13)

Chinese group all swords into two types, Jian and Dao where Jian are dual edged and Dao are single edged. Some of the common names of swords are Butterfly swords, Changdao, Dadao, Guandao, Hook Sword, Iron sword, Liuyedao, Miao Dao, Nandao, Niuweidao, Piandao, Pudao, Wodao, Yanmaodao, Zhanmadao and many more.

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