Question by  Miller (33)

How do you write congratulations in Chinese?

I want to congratulate my Chinese friend.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

To write congratulations in Chinese, copy and past the following text: 恭喜恭喜你! This means Congratulations! If you want to say these words instead, the pronunciation written in Chinese pinyin is gongxi gongxi ni! Another way to write the pronunciation that might be easier for an American is Gong She Gong She Knee!


Answer by  HuiMin (25)

Congratulations, in general is 恭喜 (Gongxi) or 恭喜你. If it's a wedding, write/say 百年好和 (Buy nian how her) or 白头偕老 (Buy toe xie lao), both of which means that you wish the marriage will last a lifetime. For birthdays, write/say 生日快乐 (sheng re kuai ler), which just means happy birthday.


Answer by  bharathi (22)

If you want to Congratulate in Chinese language, we should write like "祝贺",it simplified Chiese. If you want to write same word in traditional Chinese language,we should write like this "祝賀".


Answer by  CaylasCreations (214)

I believe the correct form for "Congratulations" in Chinese would be the following: "gōng xǐ !". This is Mandarin Chinese. The correct form for Congratulations in Mandarin Chinese using symbols instead of written words would be something similar to "恭喜" You can add exclamation points to express excitement, as in a congradulatory form.

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You mentioned about adding an exclamation mark after a sentence as you would in Western languages; however, in your example, you have placed the exclamation mark to the right of the Pin Yin characters - don't the Chinese write from R to L?  add a comment
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