Question by  smac972 (179)

What are the most dangerous professions?

Do they pay well?


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

It depends on what one considers as "danger". But usually dangerous professions such as in bomb squads, police department, army, etc. pay quite well. But I heard that firemen are not paid that much comparing to the risks they have to take. In the health industry, people working in highly contagious wards e.g. tuberculosis wards, earn a risk premium.


Answer by  CharlotteB (54)

Some of the most dangerous professions are prison guard, police officer, fireman, and psychiatric technician. Civil sevice jobs usually pay decent salaries, and offer generous benifits.


Answer by  miksayer (4)

I think, that it is a miner, policeman and soldier. For example, if you are policeman you can be killed by delinquent.

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