Question by  worker2633 (7)

Are bufo toads dangerous?

I have heard that they are and I have heard that they are not dangerous.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

When they feel threatened, Bufo toads secrete a milky venom containing bufotenin and cardiac glycosides from glands above their shoulders. If ingested either through the venom or the toad's eggs, these toxins may be fatal to pets and occasionally to humans.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

Bufo toads have glands on their head that secrete bufotoxin, a hallucinogen. When stressed, their skin weeps a poison that could harm a person. The poison is intended to deter other animals from eating the bufo toad. If you wash your hands after handling it, the bufo toad is not dangerous to pick up.


Answer by  britbrit (6)

The giant Bufo Toad, also known as the Cane Toad, is not dangerous towards humans as much as to house hold pets such as dogs. They have poison glands in their skin that when they feel as if they are in danger they secret this poison and when bitten, can kill its predator when ingested.


Answer by  cb60 (36)

Bufo toads, also known as Cane toads, are highly toxic to most animals, including pets. They secrete a white venomous substance from glands located over their shoulders which can kill a small animal in a matter of just minutes.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

They are only dangerous if they lick you or pee on you. They have special chemicals,that are used to protect them from preditors.


Answer by  Anonymous

The Majority of you seem to think that the CANE Toads poison is harmless to humans, Well I beg to differ I have heard of people getting the venom in their eyes and going into convulsions! It's nouthing to play with.


Answer by  JumboCow (217)

The term "bufo" actually describes a genus of over 150 different species of toad. Most of the toads in this genus are harmless, however some species are capable of producing a toxin which cause hallucinogenic/psychoactive properties.


Answer by  wanderingcricket (72)

The poison the toads excrete is not dangerous to you unless you ingest it. They are a risk to dogs who might try to eat them.

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