Question by  BornonBeltaine (19)

What are the most common country music chord progressions?

Each musical genre seems to have common chord progressions. What are the most common for country?


Answer by  Dan21 (81)

C is the most common key, so varying patterns around C, F, G, G7 and Am cover a lot of songs.


Answer by  trench (35)

The most common chords in country music are C, G, F, D and A minor. You can use any variation you would like to mix up the sound (example: G, D, Am, C). Use different rhythms to vary your music.


Answer by  Anonymous

I-IV-V7 with the occassional II7-V7 substitution. Very often, Minor chords (ii, iii, and vi) are played as Major 7 chords (II7, III7, and VI7) Diminished VII chords are almost NEVER played. They are substituted with what's known a "Mountain 7th Chord" - a M7th chord down 1-step from I.

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