Question by  runtz8806 (6)

Is it possible to get free guitar music chords?

I am just learning the guitar.


Answer by  Evolutius (100)

Yes, there are many websites available that can provide you with free guitar chords. I suggest you search for "guitar chords" in your favorite search engine and start clicking on links. There's alot of free information out there for guitar enthusiasts.


Answer by  psyanoid (163)

Yes, it is possible to get free guitar music chords online by using various websites in order to gain information.


Answer by  kiradeleria (465)

There are tons of sites online that would provide you with guitar practice music which includes chords. I'm sure there are also many educational sites and free materials online from etude book makers that would contain the chords/tab you're looking for.


Answer by  jewlie (105)

Of course it is. There's tons of free resources online that will show you the basic chords and lots of things beginners need to know.

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