Question by  anayac (1)

What do I include in a hardship letter to the immigration authorities to make an appeal for my daughter-in-law?

I want to make it clear that it will be very difficult for my son and their two-year old daughter if my daughter-in-law is not approved.


Answer by  JavieraPino (6)

You should include any papers that could show that your daughter in law is not a potential danger for the country and at the same time annything that could show them that she will be a contribution for the country, you should also include a picture of the whole family (son, granddaughter and daughter in law)


Answer by  oanadimojack (6)

I think what you have to prove and back up with hard facts, numbers, copies of bank statements and such, is financial hardship. Emotional distress would be another one, prove that she is the best mother to her daughter.

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