Question by  Qadoc (37)

What are the different kinds of flying bugs?

Surely there's more than moths, butterflies, and ladybugs.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Other types of flying insects in addition to moths, butterlies and ladybugs include flies, bees, wasps, mosquitos, gnats, and lighting bugs. Ticks are insects which almost seem to fly, but actually jump frequently instead.


Answer by  EdnaS (92)

The number of existing species of insects on Earth is estimated at six million - most of which can fly! Hoverflies, Bees, Wasps and Dragonflies spring to mind.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

Many types of beetles fly. Flies of all types can fly. Some types of roaches can fly. Dragonflies can fly. Locusts, grasshoppers, and katydids all have wings and sort of fly short distances. Most any insect with wings can fly even just for a little bit.

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