Question by  Bpg (84)

What are flying green bugs in California?

I found flying green bugs in California.


Answer by  Rachel27 (27)

California has many bus and the green bugs could be many things. Without a better description it's hard to tell. They could be moths, june bugs, or lady bugs.


Answer by  Anonymous

Green June Beetle


Answer by  Kryyn (18)

That's not a very descriptive explanation to work with, however, it's possible that it's one of the various species of Cicadas that live in North America. They live underground for 12-18 years and emerge during mating seasons. They often have green exoskeletons and wings.


Answer by  fallenangel66801 (7)

Without a better description of the insect you are trying to identify, I would have to say it was some sort of green stink bug. They are very common in California, so make sure you don't step on it!

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