Question by  Platynum (39)

What are the different colors of the iPod Nano 2GB version?

I want to match my personality.


Answer by  Thunder124 (7)

Current iPod Nanos are not 2 GB anymore but are now either 8GB or 16GB. These Nanos include such colors as: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black/Gun Metal Grey (depends on how you see the color), and Silver. Also, remember these new iPod Nano can record videos along with holding your music and other videos to watch.


Answer by  Luku (29)

There are five colors available for the latest iPod Nano 2GB and to match your personality choose accordingly: Grey for a simple person, Black for an emo-style, Blue for a dreamy and light-headed, Green for an eco-friendly person and red for a strong touch of color.

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