Question by  Kate4842 (23)

How much is scuba rental in Aruba?

I am vacationing there soon.


Answer by  janet57 (13)

Dive packages in Aruba are available in prices ranging from $55 for a one tank dive to $400 for a 12 dives. Equipment rental packages of BCD, octopus, depth and pressure gauges are $20, with the rental of a wet suit $5 more. For more information or to make reservations please contact Dive Aruba.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

Well scuba rental will differ depending on where you go, but scuba rental should be about 100 dollars for a couple of hours.


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

A one tank dive costs around $40 - $70 and a two tank dive costs around $70 to $100 this comes with the dive gear and instructor , but there are lesser prices for scuba diving depending on the hours you want to take on renting the dive equipment and how much of an exper you are.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Aruba can be quite pricey in the tourist season. If you get your "self contained underwater breathing aperatus" (scuba) certifcation at home you will save a lot of money, you have to have this to get the hotel to rent scuba equipment too you. Also local dive shops are cheaper than the shop attached to the hotel.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

There are many different cost involved if you plan on going scuba diving while in Aruba. Plan on paying around 50 dollars for a 2 tank dive. You will need to be certified to scuba dive and that can cost you anywhere from 100-300 dollars depending on your experience.


Answer by  natalie22081 (33)

The cost of scuba rental in Aruba depends on many factors. For instance, if you are having scuba lessons with your rental.

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