Question by  jk26 (18)

What are the clues that a husband is cheating?

I suspect my husband, but he always has explanations and makes me feel like a crazy person.


Answer by  dedre (998)

A husband can be having an affair if he becomes withdrawn at home, secretive, leaving for long periods of time, and accusing the wife of actions that he secretly done.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

One of the first clues to look for is a difference in behavior. If he suddenly begins to act differently, or stay away from home more than usual.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

The tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse can include a change in appearance or style of dress, a change in the amount of hours spent at work, loss of interest in intimacy with his spouse and an reluctance to communicate as he did before.


Answer by  Amie (430)

Every situation is different but if you suspect your husband is cheating, you probably have legitimate reasons. Be aware of changes in his normal patterns, such as working later, mentioning new female friends, or making secretive calls. If your gut tells you that something is wrong, it probably is.

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