Question by  Ramya (27)

What are the characteristics of Haiku poetry?

I do not understand what Haiku poetry is.


Answer by  AngelSkyy (234)

The characteristics of haiku poetry are all centered on the number of syllables and structure of the lines. The first line should contain 5 syllables. The second line should contain 7 and the third line should contain a final 5 syllables. Subject matter and theme are left solely to the creative imagination of the author.


Answer by  pieface (273)

Created by the Japanese, Haiku is a lyric verse poetry. It is limited to three lines. To be considered a haiku these perimeters must be followed: 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the last sentence. The poem does not have to rhyme.


Answer by  haikutec (1)

Haiku originated from Japan where it is often, but not always, 17-on. "On" is a counting system for the sound units in the Japanese language system(s) which are non-syllable and non-alphabetic. An English-language (EL) haiku will often shadow the brevity with around 12 ELsyllables, with a short/long/short line format.


Answer by  Anonymous

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