Question by  bjc (354)

How to you teach poetry?

I need to explain writing poetry to my teenager and am having a very hard time.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Start with classic poems from Sandburg, Frost, cummings, Dickinson and even Poe, if you are so inclined. You will find loads of information about these pieces, including analyses and criticisms. Drive home the point that poetry is painting with words, so the poet must have an incredible grasp of the language to know just what word to use when.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Start with poetic song lyrics. Let him hear the songs and read to the words. This is an example of both rhyme and meter. Then discuss how songs with bad rhyme or broken meter sound bad or worse. Then let him read poems later put in songs or short poems on subjects he likes, as an example and introduction.


Answer by  uknowit (23)

There are many types of poetry, but the best option to start with that will pique your teen's interest might be the limerick. It's a short couple line set of words about a topic that rhymes. You can then branch into the other types including the haiku.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are lots of poetic forms. Poetry is about mastering language. Scholastic Publishers issued a guide: "How To Write Poetry" by Paul Janeczko. You can purchase it at Amazon.


Answer by  appuceles (33)

Rather than teaching it in the usual manner, try to include actions and gestures. It will make a deeper impressions in the student's mind. It is the best way to make him/her understand more.


Answer by  lisarieza (23)

poetry comes from the heart, just tell them that besing a poet doesnt have any requirements to compose a poem, just take time, go to a silent, calm relaxing and inspiring location, in a simple word you can describe what you see, and thats it you can create a poem from your heart.

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