Question by  socalbomber (21)

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 44?

I am 44 and would really like to get pregnantI


Answer by  val (95)

If you have no preexisting health conditions and have not gone through menopause a 44 year old female will have a 68. 45% chance of conceiving within one year of trying.


Answer by  worker4452 (80)

There are chances if you still are getting periods but chances of complications also increase at this age so you should get it analysed by your doctor.


Answer by  RAJINIVARMA (140)

During this age the chances of getting pregnancy is too low and risky at all. Before getting pregnant you must have to do your full body medical check up.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

It is not impossible to get pregnant at age 44 in general, but a lot depends on your individual situation. For example, if you are menopausal, you may not be able to get pregnant. The key is to not waste any time and go straight to a fertility specialist.

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