Question by  greenman123 (17)

What are the best spyware programs for catching a cheating spouse?

I want to monitor my wife's email and chat.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Web Watcher is one of the best, it includes key loggers, chat and email recorders, along with we site filtering. A bit less detailed is a program called Remote Spy. It also has key loggers to record chat and emails. You do not have to personally be on the computer you put these programs in to check up on her.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

First of all: I would not use such a solution to solve the problems with the partner. I am not sure, if it is allowed at all. My suggestion is to use a keyboard hook (autohotkey or a keyboard logging cable). Accept that its over.


Answer by  CleothaTucker (120)

Use a keylogger program that will record your wife's keystrokes and e-mail the results to one of your e-mail accounts.


Answer by  Engaroth (39)

The best program is REFOG Keylogger. An easy-to-use software that lets you: *Create a log with every key pressed during the session. *Record passwords from website *Take screenshots every minute *Keep track of instant messages on softwares such as MSN Messenger. *Many more All of this functions are free. You may also subscribe for a fee to get more options.

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