Question by  mka (17)

What are the best drills or exercises for basketball strength training?

I am a new coach to kids.


Answer by  cmow5 (6)

First have them wear ankle weights during conditioning periods in practice. Then work on upper body strength with medicine balls and pull ups/chin ups.


Answer by  ArchieBringino (107)

From my experience coaching kids from 7-12 years old, I would say jogging/sprinting for endurance, push-ups, ball passing drills, high-knees to lateral movement to provide overall workout which is fun.


Answer by  Quis (204)

I would say more flexible strength training and muscle endurance like running plus a lot of leg work like squats and calf lifts.


Answer by  gmoneymagic (15)

A good drill for kids to do is dribbling up and down the court with two balls, one for each hand.This really helps with dribbling skills.

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