Question by  slybootz (24)

What are the best black and gray shaded tattoos?

I need tattoo design.


Answer by  brooklyn (374)

Well there are many tattoos that look best when done in black with gray shading. The most obvious of course are letters or word. The tribal tattoos that are now such a big craze is also best in black and shades thereof. I do believe in the old keep it simple black for older themes too.


Answer by  LH (20)

Traditional tribal designs are often done in black/gray. These are often done on the back or arms or legs. Other good choices for black and gray include traditional Chinese or Japanese designs and portraits.


Answer by  joshm89 (491)

Some of the best images or tattoos I have come across would include portraits, celtic or skull art work. Although there are many different tattoos in black and gray, the portraits and skull work tend to come out more amazing. In all reality, any style or image can either be done in color or black and gray.


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

The best designs for black and gray tattoos are going to be line art, images that look like they were drawn with a pen. It should be clean and simple, the more complicated it is, the less clear the image will be. Other good choices are abstract designs, knot work, barb wire or Celtic designs.


Answer by  NikkiHutson (37)

Portrait tattoos are very beautiful when done in black and gray. They're a great way to honor someone special to you and without color they look very classy.


Answer by  vggonzalesgmailcom (7)

There are tattoos that look best when done in black with gray shading.Most are letters or words. The tribal tattoos are a big craze is also best in black.

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