Question by  worker88 (7)

What are common Wiccan tattoos?

I think Wicca is cool with tattoos.


Answer by  geshaun1 (32)

Anything that show there pagan beliefs. This is in direct relationship with satanism. Its very dangerous and costly. .

Reply by countrychick000 (1):
um no satanism was made after paganism and even after christianity  add a comment
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Wicca has nothing to do with Satanism!!!!!!!!!!!  add a comment

Answer by  spettit (13)

The the symbol of the Pentagram, positioned upright, to signify the 5 elements of life, which are, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and ones own Spirit.


Answer by  Audrey86 (261)

One of the most common symbols will be the pentacle (NOT to be confused with the Satanic pentagram) Symbols involving the moon (like the god and goddess symbol) are also fairly common, or anything to do with nature, really.


Answer by  benji56 (65)

The most common Wiccan tattoo seems to be of the pentacle or the pentagram. Some people who practice Wicca also get tattoos of their favorite Goddess, moon phase, or a tattoo of a fairy. Creativity can be used with Wiccan tattoos just as with any other type of tattoo.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

The most common and most popular Wiccan tattoos are the ones that involve elements and symbols. To choose a Wiccan tatoo, find an element or a symbol that is meaningful to you.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Pentagrams, the elements, and images that follow the rule of three (the Wiccan belief that whatever you do good or bad comes back to you threefold) are all popular. Wiccans commonly place tattoos over the heart, on the wrists or on the hands.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

The pentacle,an upright five-pointed star symbolizing the five elements of air,water,fire,earth,and spirit are common.Others include fairies,the goddess,phases of the moon,Celtic crosses and knotwork,wings,and the green man.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

The most common Wiccan tattoos are Pentagrams or images that include pentagrams. Some Wicca also like Celtic crosses or Viking crosses. Other/some Wicca have huge tattoos of bird wings covering their entire backs.


Answer by  Micah (36)

Symbols often used in Wicca make elegant tattoo designs. The pentagram, Celtic knotwork, the horned moon, or Green Man images are all common Wiccan symbols.


Answer by  marquita (16)

Some of the most traditional wiccan tattoos are: the goddess which can be portrayed as Mother Earth or the moon; the god portrayed as the sun or a horned god; the pentagram portrayed as a 5 pointed star wrapped in a circle.


Answer by  Bellarmine (5)

In what's commonly referred to as "Wicca", I'd say the most common tattoo would be the pentacle (the five-pointed star with the circle around it).

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