Question by  xLeopardblazex (12)

What are the benefits of taking L-tyrosine?


Answer by  shastie (1601)

L-tyrosine is a good antioxidant. So it will help to keep your system healthy. It can also help you sleep and reduce stress. It can be used as a good alternative to prescription anxiety medicine. It is in the system naturally and taking it would help boost what's naturally there.


Answer by  Veetzy (376)

L-tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the human body. However, certain health conditions benefit from an increased amount of this acid beyond what the body can produce. Therefore, L-tyrosine supplements may be beneficial. Benefits include overcoming profound tiredness which decreases stress levels resulting in a better mood. In addition, memory and concentration improve.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

The benefits include having a useful impact on the mood of individuals under stressful circumstances such as those felt during a death of a family member or close friend, a divorce, prolonged stressful working conditions, etc. Under normal circumstances there are few impacts on mood in adults and therefore is usually only useful in those stressful periods.


Answer by  NazeelaZain (48)

It helps the brain to produce neurotransmitters that control pain,helps regulate apetite and facilitates in stabilizing body's reaction to stress factors.It helps in treating alzhiemers,narcolepsy etc..

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