Question by  hmg236 (30)

Is it true that for each benefit gained by regulation there is a cost?

I have heard that there is a cost for each benefit to every regulation.


Answer by  jackivs (25)

Yes, anytime a government regulates an activity there is some cost involved in enforcing the regulation. For example, traffic regulations require police patrols.


Answer by  IBernal001 (27)

Yes it is true. Regulation provides a structure within which we are supposed and are expected to act. The structure facilitaties performance, but the limitations restrict how creative we can be. It's like coloring between the lines. We are provided guidance, but our creativity must be contained within well established parameters.


Answer by  AdamG (137)

Yes, and the benefit/cost isn't always monetary. For example, last night we told our five-year-old son to stop misbehaving in a restaurannt and he exploded in a tantrum. But generally speaking, there is almost always a cost. it becomes a question of if the cost outweigh the benefits, I think.


Answer by  Anonymous

No. Anyone who is opposed to regulation, such as meat inspection, is an idiot.

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