Question by  ktuck (18)

What are some well-known childhood books of the 80s?

I want to get my nieces some books from my era.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Spend some time in the Children's Section of a large bookseller like Borders or Barnes and Noble. You will find large sections of these books that you can peruse, and then select those that were most meaningful to you. Anything by Judy Blue and Beverly Cleary are sure-fire winners if you can't find anything specific to your reading experience.


Answer by  kmcmenamey (42)

Some childhood books that I remember loving were the Nancy Drew series. Another series that I enjoyed were the Babysitter's club. Both available probably from the library.


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

I would include the American Girl book series. They are both fun and educational-- although the dolls are expensive and excessive. I would also consider some Gary Paulsen (adventure and kind of boy-oriented, but good), Beverly Cleary, Elizabeth George, Scott O'Dell, and Wilson Rawls. Not sure if they're all 80s, but they were my faves. And there's the Babysitter's Club.


Answer by  fixitman (80)

Remember the "choose your own adventure" books? These are the BEST book series of the 1980's and you can get them at yard sales, ebay or amazon really cheap!


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

Without knowing how old the kids are, it's hard to be specif. But some classics were published in the 1980s, including "James and the Giant Peach," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Amelia Bedelia," "Where's Spot?" "Polar Express," "A Light in the Attic," "Bunnicula" and "Where's Waldo?"


Answer by  danpersand (246)

Possibly the best known are Judy Bloom's Books, "Superfudge" and "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." For more of the best titles you could check the Newbery Medal winners for that era.

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