Question by  Stella (26)

What are some ways to go about removing gas from my car's tank?


Answer by  asg92 (188)

Insert a hose in the tank. Suck the end of the hose until gas comes through. Allow the gas to drain into a container which is lower than the tank.


Answer by  Squeaker (100)

Drive the vehicle until the needle on the interior gas gauge drops below the "E", then continue on until the car shudders to a stop.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

Take a plastic tube and insert one end into the tank. Next, take an air pump and attach it to plastic hose and pump.


Answer by  doggyhouz (75)

I can think of 1 of the best ways. Purchase a PVC flexible tubes, not the hard pipes and try to create a siphon.

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