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Question by  PinkyPosh (21)

What are some used for clove oil?

I heard it was good fro a lot of things.


Answer by  missyt (24)

Clove oil can be a homeopathic use for the treatment of pimples, acne, ring worm, warts, pain killer for the teeth, sleep aid, cold sores, stomach aches, indigestion and many more. In ancient times before medical advances it was used as a numbing medication for varioius prodecdures such as teeth pulling, oral surgery and such.


Answer by  erd2398 (40)

Clove oil has been shown to work on things such as dental pain, skin problems such as acne, pimples, and blackheads, and it has been shown to work as clove oil tobacco. It can be used as an ingredient when preparing meals, and it can increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


Answer by  linsm (898)

Clove oil is used for toothaches, headaches, toothaches, as an antiseptic for burns, cuts and scrapes. It is also used as aa massaging oil in order to reduce stress.


Answer by  Tracey47 (48)

Clove oil can be used as an antiseptic, oral pain reliever, to flavor medicine, as a remedy for bronchitis, the common cold, cover, fever, sore throat, and to treat infections.


Answer by  cklight (327)

Clove oil has great properties and is known to cure fungal irritations, additionally, it is used as an antimicrobial substance, and an anti-inflammatory.

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