Question by  JillB (47)

How can I determine if my Cadillac Northstar has an oil leak or if it is just using excessive amounts of oil?

I have not noticed any oil under my car, yet I keep having to add oil as my levels are low.


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

If your exhaust smoke is white or grey and dissipates slowly, or if you open your radiator cap and see oil in the coolant, it's probably a head gasket leak.


Answer by  palmerino (637)

if there are no oil spots under your car, then logicaly the only place the oil could be going is out the exhast pipe. Try running your car and looking under it for oil spots. Maybe it's only leaking when running.


Answer by  dpauleyii (843)

If there isn't any oil under your car then you are probably burning it through the motor. You can pull the spark plugs and look at them. If they are wet with oil you re burning oil. You can also look at the exhaust and see if it is blueish in color.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well other than putting a large piece of cardboard under the car and letting it sit or visually inspecting it there isn't a lot you can do. If you are using a lot and it's not leaking it should be smoking.


Answer by  Anonymous

if you you have a 32 valve north star ,you should get an extended warinty. There should be class action law suit against GM for the design flaw . the head bolts pull out of the block,and your car runs hot . Rebuilt engine 3,600$ not counting putting it in


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting to see if you do in fact have an oil leek test it for about five minutes.

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