Question by  Sreekumar (39)

What are some unique names for a baby girl?

I want my baby's name to stand out.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Check on old-fashioned names. Don't choose anything too unusual because she has to grow up with the name. Agnes, Amelia, Bernice, and Agatha are different from the current names. Charlene, Celeste, and Georgette are pretty names and not so common. Darlene and Marlene are unusual. Carmen, Neva, and Beatrice are uncommon. There are many to choose from history, too.


Answer by  CCaldwell (25)

Some unique names for girls are... Jane Brea Chloe Ella Lily Zoe Bao Bina Cai Juno Kiri Lyra Mara Myla Neka Oma Risa Rue Rogue Tora Una Zola Avila Bela Edda Janan Mala Mura Opa Sopheary

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