Question by  drewdaddy (55)

What are some unique Irish baby girl names?


Answer by  Spizz (7)

My friends daughter is called Aoife and her sister is called Attracta. My son and his partner have called their daughter Shayleigh. My best man and his partner have called their daughter Iona Another friend has called their autistic son Liam I work with a girl whose name is Shenna


Answer by  Padrino (66)

I think that some rare girl names are Siobhan, Aisling, Aibreann, Blathnaid. Those names looks quite unique, but there are much more. Like for example Dechtire, Fionnoula, Granuaile, Muirgheal, Saoirse, Yseult.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

If you live in the United States,some Irish names you don't come across here too much are Teagan("beautiful"),Saorse ("freedom,liberty"),Roisin("little rose"),Orlaith("golden princess),Nuala("fair shouldered"),Rionach("queenly"),Muirne("high spriited,festive"),Caoimhe("gentle,precious,beautiful"),Maolisa("follower of Jesus"),Aednat("little fire"),Beibhinn("fair woman,white woman"),Ciara("dark hair,dark eyes"),Blathnaid("flower,blossom"),Ailbhe("white"),Daireann("fruitful,bountiful"),Aibreann("April"),Bronagh("sad,sorrowful").Some others,like Erin and Colleen,are more commonly used in the United States and Australia to keep families in touch with Irish roots.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

Please dont ask me how to pronounce these Gaelic names, but they may help: Aine, Aoife, Bebhinn, Caoilainn, Cessair, Ciara, Cliona, Dervla, Eabha ( Eve), Eithne, Eithna, Emer ,Fionnabhair ( the Irish version of Guinevere), Grania or Grainne, Maeve, Nessa, Orla, Siomha, Sorcha, Una.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Aileen, Aine (awn+ya), Ashling, Darcy, Einin (a+neen), Fiona, Gael, Mona, Neila, Regan, and Una are all fairly unique Irish names. Other options are naming her after Irish place names such as Callan, after the river, or by County names such as Kerry or similar. Additionally, you could turn a traditional last name into a first name.


Answer by  crni2 (54)

Irish culture is weary complicated.some Irish names are:Sarah,Aoife,Ciara,Katie,Emma,Sorcha,Sophia,Naomi,Amber,Alana.But most popular name is Emma it name that loot of Irish people give to their daughter.Irish name for girl have to say that she is wild and beautiful.

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