Question by  anime018 (234)

What are some unique boy/girl birthday party ideas for someone turning 13?

I have boy/girl twins who will be turning 13 soon.


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

Maybe a theme party based on a book or film they both like. For example, Harry Potter, Narnia, Lemony Snicket. If that sounds like too much trouble or expense think about what you have locally. If there's a nice park then maybe a Sunday picnic with games like frisbee, or a trip to the beach.

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that ^^ idea is wack (personally srry) i think partys are out of style think of what the person wants n like n let it come from da heart they will love it any ways bc its cummin from some1 who cares alot for them  add a comment

Answer by  dustingoodgold (32)

A theme party is very unique. Depending on the boy or girls interests, you can have the kids dress up as a certain characters from a movie or TV show.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Thirteen is an age where the boy twin is likely to be more of a child still than the girl twin. It's a tricky age for a merged party.


Answer by  worker2137 (12)

This age is very important. because of this age is changeover childhood to adult. so invite all their friends, ask them to how to celebrate party,any ideas to celebrate birthday


Answer by  Anonymous

Do what ever u think is right for them at long as it comes from the heart n from sum1 they love they should not care n i should now bc im 13 myself n good luck

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