Question by  nipples (7)

What are some great ideas for a batman birthday party?

I want to have a batman birthday party for my son.


Answer by  bjudd (123)

First you need to determine how many guests you will have and then get at least that many black sporks. (The kind from Taco Bell are perfect. ) Break off the middle prong; but do so carefully because they can become sharp. Then you will be left with two prongs and it will look like Batman's head.


Answer by  Dee78 (24)

What is the most important part of a birthday party? The cake of course! A batman themed birthday cake is a must. You can decorate the room with batman balloons, party hats, napkins, plates, and goody bags. All of those can usually be found in your local party supply stores.


Answer by  worker29 (69)

Cut bat shapes from construction paper and tape them to the front of inexpensive flashlights. Turn the flashlight on to project the bat symbol on the walls or ceiling.


Answer by  tracyann66 (27)

Go to a party store or a craft store. They usually have a lot of theme related party ideas. Give all the kids batman capes, make batman cupcakes and a batman pinata. Have the kids dress as their favorite batman character. Do batman trivia questions. Depending on age, watch the movie at the party.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

Great ideas for a batman birthday party for a child can be extremly time consuming. One of the most fun ways to get into the feel of the party, is to have the guests show up as characters from batman. Another idea is to decorate the yard as well as inside the house. A great time, batman style!


Answer by  Jenny83 (8)

Costumes like Batman masks and capes made by guests. Masks made out of black construction paper and string, capes cut out of black fabric and safety pinned to guest's shirt. See who can throw a Batarang the closest to a penguin. Assign a Batman character to everyone and have other guests treat them like their character.

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