Question by  SueB (22)

What are some tips when cooking for 200 people?


Answer by  ConSue (69)

The three main ingredients for success are: organization, a few more pair of hands and the KISS theory. (Keep it simple stupid. )


Answer by  kiwee87 (141)

Go in with a plan of action. Know exactly what you will be preparing and what needs to happen in order for it all to be prepared. Also importantly, is to have lots of helping hands to assist you.


Answer by  Grace (128)

I suggest you make the porportions small so that not as much ingredients are needed and that the dish is easy and fast to make to not keep people waiting.


Answer by  ricklin2010 (20)

Simplicity is key! Don't try to make anything too elaborate when cooking for a large number of people. Less definitely will equal more in this case!


Answer by  DianaHunter (20)

Feeding the multitudes? Appetizers are a great solution. Recipes that can be prepared "assembly line" style include chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms, potstickers and meatballs to name just a few.


Answer by  MissJane (33)

Always make sure to plan your menu well in advance, so that you'll have plenty of time to find what you'll need, and make changes if necessary.


Answer by  Kayla (144)

You should cook a lot of things that are common and not too unique so most people will like them along with something simple and easy to make.

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