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Question by  allymcbeal (29)

What are some things that would make dwarf hamsters lose their hair?


Answer by  fixitguy (15)

Dwarf hamsters may lose their hair due to a mite infestation. Mite infestations usually are an indication of another more pressing ailment. A failing immune system causes the mites to multiply rapidly causing hair loss. Pine and cedar may contribute to hair loss as well as their oils are highly irritating as well as toxic.


Answer by  Meowzer (392)

Some dwarf hamsters lose hair as they age due to metabolic diseases such as liver or kidney failure, it can also be caused by skin cancer, mites, or even an allergy to food or bedding. In some cases it is strictly age related.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

The biggest thing that causes this is stress. IF your hamster is stressed it will sometimes lose its hair. Things like rapid environment changes and dietary changes can cause it. The next biggest cause can be an infestation such as lice. Pick it up and look at it if there is any sign of infestation get it treated.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Minor hairloss may be seasonal or age-related. If widespread or you notice lesions/itchiness/scratching then take your hamster to an EXOTICS vet ASAP. (Dangerous cedar bedding can also cause skin irritations).


Answer by  Lilane (39)

Draft hamsters will lose hair due to illness which allows mites to multiply due to the weakening of their immune system, another cause is using cedar and pine bedding.


Answer by  schaefnutz (63)

If a dwarf hamster had Chemo Therapy or experienced radiation, it would definitely lost its hair. Most living creatures would in this scenario.

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