Question by  swiechec (20)

What are some suggested curriculum elements for youth soccer players?


Answer by  Mario87 (23)

As a soccer referee, I see a lot of youth soccer players. The curriculum elements that each youth soccer player must have are speed (because speed it is an element that can be improved very tough), solidarity (soccer is a game played in eleven, not only by one) and strong character (the physical elements can be improved, but mentality not).


Answer by  handro (6)

Youth soccer players should become know the right way to kick a ball, use both legs, be comfortable with the ball at their feet, remember to look up when dribbling, and know the basic requirements of the position that they play and their role to the team.


Answer by  KLentz (13)

Some major elements for curriculum would obviously be the basic rules of soccer so the children know what they can and cannot do. From there, learning different formation set ups would be quite useful while explaining the important of each position on the field. Another key aspect would be to teach at an early age to utilize the entire field.


Answer by  Craig61 (358)

The most important guide to developing the curriculum is time spent with the ball. Time spent in line is wasted and not of value to anyone. Dribbling and dribbling games involving change of direction are critical. Also make certain that you spend time working with children on passing, trapping, and shooting.


Answer by  lookatrico (5)

For youth soccer players nowadays need additional curriculum which is diving element. Because many players always did a diving on soccer but just a few that overlook by the referee.


Answer by  Matthias (10)

To be a youth soccer player in America, you have to go to practice. The more you practice the better you will become. When you have a game on the weekends, you will be well prepared. The more experience you have as a soccer player, the most likely better you will be.


Answer by  xl2147 (10)

There are a few important elements that a youth soccer player should have. First of all, he should be willing to devote his time into practice soccer. He should like to play the game, and passionate about it. He should be energetic, fast, flexible and addition, not afraid of getting hurt while playing the game.


Answer by  ringneck (394)

I think the best thing to do would be to work on fundamentals of the game. This will give them a good basis on which to build.


Answer by  hillcrestshores (27)

A youth soccer player curriculum would include dribbling drills where all players can participate at the same time to ensure maximum touches on the ball.

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