Question by  claire (34)

What are the average salaries of European soccer players?


Answer by  vkcopper (358)

Check with the sports information offices, T.V. sports casters, the newspapers and the internet, that offers soccer games also discuss salaries. The Players Association would also have the salaries that are awarded.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

European soccer players can enjoy multi-million dollar salaries. The more affluent the country, naturally the more the players make. It is not unusual for a player to make $10 million annually in the countries where the sport is very popular.


Answer by  worker1665 (41)

Salaries depends upon the skills, position, and sometimes the experience of a player. And It also varies in Europe's different leagues. Considering the four top leagues, English,Spanish,Italian, and German, the highest paid player is getting up to $150,000 a week, and the lowest around $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 a week.

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Answer by  worker2211 (46)

The average yearly salary is around $90,000 in the USA. Salaries in Europe for the top leagues are much higher. The Premiership (England's top league) is around $100,000 a month.


Answer by  emp (263)

Dependent upon the league they are in, the average soccer (football) player earns about 100,000 (US) a month. As in the United States there is a salary cap.


Answer by  spiro (78)

There are huge differences in wages between European soccer players but the level of that annually amount would be about $55000-$65000.

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