Question by  Rincon787 (52)

What are some soccer drills for kids?

I am a new coach to 5 year olds.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Make them run in a straight line while controling a ball with their feet. Next, place cones and have them do the same but this time passing the outer edge of the cones. Lastly, have them kick short, stationary passes to each other and if that works well have them pass to each other are they run.


Answer by  Milan (56)

Best soccer drills for kids are good ball passing, good ball handling, appropriate shots, dribbling and some tackling.That's for now.


Answer by  Anonymous

Have them do drills going uo the field and passing to each other. When one person gets to the goal, tell another child to run behind them and if the ball doesn't go in the goal and the goalie doesn't get it then find where they ball is and shoot.


Answer by  RobertoCastro (112)

2 lines facing each other: trap, pass, back of the other line. Also cones 2 dribbles go through every cone or touch every cone.


Answer by  JohnCroker (68)

Training for children should focus mainly fundamentals of soccer and organization in the field. Children tend to run at the same time for the ball. This is the first lesson: to ensure that each fulfills its function in the field. Moreover, they should have fun: so will yield more.

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